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“A Level” refers to “Advanced Level” General Certificate of Education (GCE). It is an internationally recognized achievement at secondary level. A Level examination is set by the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

The subject content of the A Level syllabus has been subdivided into two parts. The first year’s syllabus is referred to as “AS” and counts for half credit. The second part of the syllabus is referred to as “A2”. When AS and A2 exams are taken, a student receives an A Level ‘full credit’ grade. A full credit grade is generally completed in two years while AS exams are taken after one year.

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Ace A Level program has two specific objectives – (a) Ensure that students are prepared well for their higher studies; and (b) The students develop into thoughtful and responsible individuals.

The program focuses on overall development of students. Students are offered various non-credit courses, in addition to the regular credit courses. With the objective of developing managerial and leadership skills of the students, we engage students extensively in organizing and participating in activities outside the class rooms. Courses are offered in the field of management and social sciences only.

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SICUn सिकूँ a culture of self learning

S Self Design Your Learning Experience
I Individual Responsibility For Your Actions
C Counseling Guidance Towards Your Goal
Un Unified Performance Inside and Outside of Classroom

Students Testimonials

Completing SLC felt like some accomplishment; however, uncertainty shadowed my mind soon after that as choosing the right school for further studies did not turn out to be as easy a decision as I had anticipated it to be. I wanted to enroll into an A Level program and in the process of exploring my options, I paid a visit to Ace Institute of Management for gathering pertinent information. As I interacted with the college management and moreover the faculty members there, I straightaway got intrigued by the friendliness and warmth with which I was received and counseled. This in fact happens to be the primary reason behind my decision to join Ace for my A Level. Ace promotes a participatory culture that encourages students to come in the forefront and have their say on almost all issues, ranging from academics to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This is what I have liked the most about Ace so far as such practice has enriched my overall experience and moreover has taken my confidence to an entirely new level. Life moves on and my A Level will be over one day. But as the saying goes, “Time flies but memories last”, I will always look back at the days I have spent at Ace as something very special.
Anushka Sharma
Student – AS
When I joined Ace, I did not know what courses to study in my A Level, as I was not very sure about the areas I really wanted to focus on. The week long induction program conducted by the institution, wherein students were allowed to explore the scope of all courses with support from a guidance counselor, helped me discover my area of interest. As a matter of fact, this I believe is what exemplifies the approach that Ace takes towards grooming students. Ace has guided me through a process of self-exploration by which I have gained a greater understanding of my real self. With improved self awareness, I have been able to set meaningful and realistic goals for myself. I am really thankful to Ace for encouraging me to embark on this journey and for holding my hand throughout. As opposed to the conventional schooling approach that puts many compulsions on students, Ace facilitates students to explore and identify what they are really interested in and provides an environment where learning can take place. Choosing Ace Institute of Management for my A Level has certainly been one of the better decisions of my life so far.
Ishwor Chhetri
Student – AS
Two years that I have spent as an A Level student at Ace Institute of Management has brought about positive changes in my overall personality, as the institution has taught me a lot of things about life at large, apart from the academic subjects of course. At Ace, I have learnt that each one of us is uniquely gifted. With this insight in mind, the high quality interactions that I have had with my classmates have remarkably broadened my mental horizon. Ace encourages students to learn from each other rather than just from teachers, and this is something that I have really enjoyed and benefitted from. I simply love helping others, and in this regard Ace has facilitated me to grow into a person I always wanted to become by giving me opportunities to involve in social service. I feel particularly proud about our participation as Ace A Level students in the relief operation of the victims of the recent earthquake. Ace has equipped me with the right skill sets and the confidence required to take on the challenges that I will come across as I move ahead in life. I am a proud Acer indeed.
Manjil Lamichhane
Student – A2
As a student in the A Level program at Ace Institute of Management, I have lived through an experience that I will cherish all my life. Ace has given me opportunities to develop my soft skills, build confidence and become a better individual. The institution has a friendly and comfortable learning environment. The teachers are warm and welcoming. Ace has given us quality education and a lot of opportunities to explore our interests. I am a proud Acer and I have always felt alive and active here. At Ace, we are given complete responsibility and freedom to organize activities and events on our own, with the college management providing all the necessary support. Ace does not just teach concepts and theories, but also gives ample avenues to implement the text book knowledge gained inside classrooms. Above all, Ace A Level has taught me to strive for excellence in whatever I do in life.
Sakshi Goyal
Student - A2