Fee Structure

Fee Structure 2018/19

There are two components in the fee structure – Annual Fee and Tuition Fee. Annual Fee is 35,000 per year and it includes charges for internal examinations, library, computing and other academic support facilities. Tuition Fee varies according to the academic year. The breakdown of fees is as follows.

At the time of admission

Admission Fee 20,000
Annual Fee (for year 1) 35,000
Refundable Deposit 15,000
Induction & Orientation 15,000
Total 85,000

Year 1

Tuition Fee (13,000/month) 156,000
Total 156,000

Year 2

Tuition Fee (14,000/month) 168,000
Annual Fee 35,000
Total 203,000


At the time of admission 85,000
Year 1 156,000
Year 2 203,000
Total 444,000


  • All amounts are in Nepali Rupees.
  • The fee structure does not include charges paid to University of Cambridge Assessment International Education, British Council and Ministry of Education for registration and examinations, and any other tax and/or charge/s levied by the Government of Nepal. These charges have to be paid separately.
  • The fee structure does not include the amount that will be billed to students for availing transportation facility provided by the college. This charge will be variable across different routes. The amount billed to each individual student will be communicated to them as they apply for using the facility upon enrollment into the program.
  • All fees except deposit are non-refundable.
  • Deposit will be refunded only upon successful completion of the program.