Ajay Ghimire

Ace Education Ventures

Ace Education Ventures is as committed to education of children of the age group 14 to 18, as it is to higher education. Ace A Level leading to A Level from University of Cambridge, UK is one such program. Ace A Level program, like all other Ace programs, promotes learning environment where students continually rediscover themselves and learn to become thoughtful and responsible individuals and citizens.

Based on our experience, most A Level students aspire for undergraduate studies abroad. Therefore, we prepare them well for effective transition to foreign universities, especially in the US, UK, and Australia. But our graduates are equally prepared for the universities anywhere in the world, including Nepal.

On February 03, 2017, I spent an hour interacting with our A Level students while they described their paintings and photographs and explained the concepts behind them during the exhibitions they had put on. Sohan, one of the instructors and mentors guiding them, told me, “Sir, this morning I felt so happy with and proud of my students that I could not hold back my tears.” I observed my colleagues Sunil, our A Level Program Director, and Rashmi, our A Level Program Manager, interacting with students and saw the sense of pride and satisfaction in their eyes.

With all humility, I can assure one thing: students who go through the Ace experience with our A Level program will be prepared well to pursue their higher education anywhere in the world and lead a fulfilling life with dignity.

I welcome SLC graduates aspiring for rewarding higher education (in management or liberal arts) in and outside Nepal to enrich and empower themselves with two years of wonderful Ace experience.

Vijay Anand Sharma Timilsina

Ace A Level

Demands of rigor and hard work are inevitable whenever there is an endeavor to better oneself. Formal learning and learning from life-experiences culminate into a better self when these demands are not overzealously burdened onto an unwilling mind and a disowning soul, else rigor and hard-work fade into nothingness. With Aceperience at Ace A Levels we purpose to nurture willingness of mind and soul in the journey to become thoughtful and responsible individuals ever contributing to the society to which they belong.

Willingness in the mind, we believe results when each individual is respected for owning up the responsibility for their learning, actions, behavior and relationships; being resolutely honest regardless of consequences; accepting ignorance with humility while at the same time having the courage to accept mistakes; a mind always open for learning – willing to make mistakes and learn from them rather than being chained to the monotone misery of thinking and doing the mundane.

A necessary condition to ownership of an unconquerable soul, we believe is Happiness. Happiness, not self-denial is the natural and renewable fuel of ambition. Happiness, I believe results when mistakes are ‘humanized’ as against being ‘demonized’, the magic of being ‘childlike’ weeds out the chicanery of being ‘childish’, hobbies and passions are not ‘vulnerabilities’ but reasons to ‘cherish the ‘camaraderie’.

This is ‘Aceperience’ and the invite is open. Welcome!