We will be offering merit based scholarship to a maximum of 20 deserving students on first come first serve basis for the intake of 2017 as per the particulars detailed below.

Details Aggregate Score in S.E.E. (or equivalent) Scholarship % Scholarship Amount (NRs.)
Year I Year 2
First 5 admissions (i.e., Admission No. 1 to 5) 70% or above 50% of tuition fee 78,000 84,000
60% or above but less than 70% 30% of tuition fee 46,800 50,400
Next five admissions (i.e., Admission No. 6 to 10) 70% or above 40% of tuition fee 62,400 67,200
60% or above but less than 70% 25% of tuition fee 39,000 42,000
Next ten admission (i.e., Admission No. 11 to 20) 70% or above 30% of tuition fee 46,800 50,400
60% or above but less than 70% 20% of tuition fee 31,200 33,600


  • To avail of the scholarship, a student needs to:
    1. Apply for admission into the program through submission of Application Form and other required documents, and participate in the Selection Process
    2. Get selected by the Admission Committee for enrolment into the program, and receive the Admission Offer Letter
    3. Take admission into the program within the deadline mentioned in the Admission Offer Letter through submission of required documents and full payment of the amount due at the time of admission (i.e., NRs. 85,000)
  • Applicable scholarship will be provided to only those candidates who:
    1. Meet the minimum score requirement in S.E.E. or equivalent
    2. Take admission before a total of 20 admissions have taken place
  • If one or a few candidates who take admission before 20 admissions have taken place do not meet the minimum score requirement in S.E.E. or equivalent, the scholarship facility will not pass on to other candidates.
  • In order to be eligible for the scholarship in Year 2 (i.e., A2 Level), a student is required to maintain a minimum aggregate of 60% in the final internal evaluation score of at least 3 credit courses in Year 1 (i.e., AS Level), failing which s/he will not get the scholarship in Year 2.
  • If the aggregate score in S.E.E. (or equivalent) has been expressed in terms of Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) or any format other than percentage, the score will be converted to percentage based on the standard stipulated by the appropriate authority.
  • Applicable scholarship amount will be adjusted in the Fee Invoice after the student submits the attested copy of his/her S.E.E. (or equivalent) marksheet.
  • On all issues related to scholarship, the decision taken by Ace A Level Admissions Committee will be final and binding.